Working On A Workers’ Compensation Claim? Be Sure To Do These Things

Workers' compensation claims might seem straightforward when you first start the process, but as you move through each step it can become more of a challenge and difficult to know whether you are doing everything right. Be sure to do the following things when you hope to get a workers' comp settlement. Recruit A Specialized Attorney You might have filled out the appropriate paperwork for your claim and want to wait to see what happens. Read More 

Want To See Your Grandchild That Your Child Neglects? Get A Lawyer

If you are a grandparent and your child hasn't taken responsibility for their child, you have rights and you can still get visitation rights. If the parent raising the child is hesitant to let you see the child or doesn't allow you to see the child as often as you would like, it's time to talk to a lawyer.  You can go to the lawyer to see if you qualify for grandparent visitation, so you can connect with your grandchild. Read More 

Four Defenses A DUI Attorney Can Help You Develop

If you have been pulled over for a DUI, but you believe that you are innocent in the situation, there are a few ways that your DUI attorney can help you prove it in court. When you have been pulled over for a DUI, there are a few things that may have been inaccurate that a DUI attorney can gather evidence for. Here are four types of defenses that a DUI attorney can help you to establish: Read More 

Ride Share Services And Employment Law Issues

Ride share services are still a fairly new concept. Since they are different than traditional taxi services, there are some different issues that have arisen, such as accident liability and employment law issues. The courts are awash with cases involving ride share services. As a result, some exciting legal precedents and new case law are being written. There are several employment law issues involving ride share services that are still being worked through the courts in several states. Read More 

Proceed With Caution: Things That Could Ruin Your Workers Compensation Case

Are you currently receiving workers compensation benefits? If so, you may feel somewhat relieved especially if it took awhile for you to start receiving compensation. Some people allow their sense of relief to cause them to become too relaxed about their cases. As a result, they may behave in ways that could harm their case or potentially stop their benefits prematurely. The following are examples of actions that could negatively impact your case. Read More