How Do You Negotiate Personal Injury Settlements?

If you were recently in a vehicle accident and are trying to get a settlement for your injuries, you may need to negotiate with your insurance company. This is done if your initial request for a settlement is denied or the company tries to offer less than you think you deserve. Here are some tips for negotiating the settlement.

Calculate the Damages

The first step of a personal injury case in terms of settlements should be to calculate the damages and decide what type of damages you are requesting the settlement for. To begin with, this often includes medical costs, such as the cost of riding in the ambulance, co-pays and deductibles, hospital charges, and prescription charges. Also include any money spent with a physical therapist, chiropractor, or mental health therapist. Keep in mind that special damages can also be included, such as missing work and putting your job in jeopardy, or dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the incident.

Ask For More Than What You Calculated

Part of negotiating a personal injury settlement is accepting a lower offer than what you first request. This is all part of the negotiation process. For this reason, take the amount you calculated and consider what you can reasonably get. Ask your lawyer if you aren't sure about the exact amount. Now ask for a little more than that amount if you don't like your first settlement offer from the insurance company. You are assuming you will go back and forth a few times, so if they go lower than what you request, it may, at least, be a little closer to the amount you hope to get from the incident.

Do Not Accept the First Offer

Even if you believe the first offer is pretty good, avoid accepting it right off the bat unless it exceeds what you expected to get in the first place. The insurance company often gives a lowball offer to start with and see if you will accept it. This doesn't mean it is the most they are willing to give you. You should give back a counter-offer at least once and see what the returning offer is. If they still refuse to go any higher, then it might be a good idea to accept their next offer.

Get a Good Attorney

The attorney (clicking here will give you more information) you choose in your personal injury case can make all the difference. They know how to file a claim in order to get you the most from your settlement, and they are crucial in the negotiations process. Do not attempt to negotiate a settlement without proper legal advice.