Determining Liability: When You Are In An Accident Caused By Another Driver And Your Airbags Don’t Deploy

When you are in a car accident, a number of factors can be in play. The weather might have been bad, or the other driver could have been texting while driving. In addition, your car airbags may not have deployed because of a malfunction. If you were hurt in an accident caused by another driver, and your car safety features didn't work properly, you have rights. The driver at fault for the accident can be sued for negligence in a personal injury lawsuit, while your car manufacturer can be sued for your injuries because of product liability. Read More 

Two Ways Filing Bankruptcy May Impact Your Self-Storage Unit

Filing for bankruptcy can help you take control of your debt and obtain a fresh start financially. If you rent a storage unit at the time of your filing, however, you could run into a few problems. Here are two things you should know about how a chapter 7 bankruptcy can impact your rental, so you can take the proper precautions to protect property you may have stored in one. Read More 

Answering Three Divorce Questions You Might Have Been Wondering

The process of separating from your spouse can seem like it will be an overwhelmingly complicated task. However, you may find yourself better prepared for what to expect from this process once you have had a few of the more commonly asked questions about divorce proceedings addressed. Will You Have To Prove Fault To Be Able To Get Divorced? Many individuals assume that they will always have to prove fault in order to obtain a divorce. Read More 

Does Your Car Have A Little Black Box? The Information It Carries Could End Up Being Important To Your Case

Airplanes have been carrying them for decades: "the little black boxes," or event data recorders (EDRs), that are searched for after every plane crash in order to see if it can explain what happened to cause the crash. Did you know, though, that you're probably driving with your very own little black box? Not only that, but an EDR could play a major role one day in court if you end up suing someone—or being sued—for an accident. Read More 

Can You Get Reimbursed If You Paid Child Support For A Child That Was Not Yours?

You have spent the last few years paying your ex child support for a child you believed was yours. Now, you have found out that the child is someone else's. The question is – shouldn't the actual parent of the child have been paying child support instead of you? Can you get reimbursed for the money you paid? Here is a closer look at your rights. When Was the DNA Test Completed? Read More