What Can You Do To Fight A Tax Audit’s Results?

In a perfect world, you would never face an audit from the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS. In reality, it is possible that your return could be randomly selected by the agency for review. If it is and you are not pleased with the results of the audit, here is what you need to know.  Can You Appeal the Audit? The results of an audit are not final right away. You have a period of time following the audit to either pay up what the IRS claims you owe or file an appeal. Read More 

Trusts: Three Debunked Myths

Many people can benefit by having a trust put in place prior to their death or incapacitation. However, many of these people don't understand the benefits of a trust due to the many myths surrounding these legal agreements. Whether you have a large estate or a smaller estate, the following tips will help you decide whether you really need a trust, or whether you can allow your heirs to make decisions regarding the legal assets you leave behind. Read More 

Three Ways To Handle An Eviction Notice

There are a number of benefits to renting a home rather than buying. If you haven't been paying your rent consistently or you have had multiple issues with your landlord, it should not come as a surprise when you get an eviction notice. This notice should be taken seriously or you could find yourself locked out of the home. Being evicted could mean spending money on movers, struggling to find another place to rent, marks on your credit report and more. Read More 

3 Things To Consider When Seeking Custody Of Your Child

If you and your spouse have a child and are planning to get a divorce, you may be concerned about getting custody of your little one. The judge does not automatically award custody based on the gender of a parent. Instead, he or she will look at other factors that contribute to the child's well being. Here are a few things you should consider if you would like to have full custody of your child: Read More 

How Do You Negotiate Personal Injury Settlements?

If you were recently in a vehicle accident and are trying to get a settlement for your injuries, you may need to negotiate with your insurance company. This is done if your initial request for a settlement is denied or the company tries to offer less than you think you deserve. Here are some tips for negotiating the settlement. Calculate the Damages The first step of a personal injury case in terms of settlements should be to calculate the damages and decide what type of damages you are requesting the settlement for. Read More