Chapter 7 Won’t Stop Foreclosure, But A Modification Could Help

If you do not know where you are going to come up with the money you need to pay off all the bills and debts you have, you may want to consider evaluating Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This branch of bankruptcy could help you eliminate some of the debts you are having trouble paying; however, it will not stop a foreclosure. If you are facing a foreclosure, you may want to file for Chapter 7, but you should consider getting a loan modification first. Read More 

Three Employment Law Violations Small Business Owners Should Avoid

When you decided to start a business, you probably had no idea just how massive of an undertaking you were embarking on. As if the day-to-day operations weren't enough to focus on, it's also important that you be mindful of your interaction with your employees. Even one mistake could put you at risk of violating local and federal employment laws. Scheduling Breaks Incorrectly Surely, you understand that providing employees with breaks is important. Read More 

3 Contract Drafting Mistakes To Avoid

Without sound business contracts in place, your business relations with contractors, vendors, and customers will stay in a constant state of turmoil. Although there are basic contracts available, drafting your own contracts helps to ensure that the documents fully protect you and your business. Here are mistakes you should avoid when drafting the contracts.   Failing to Research Your Needs Your starting point for the contracts needs to be researching the needs of your business and special challenges you could face. Read More 

Tips For The Social Security Disability Application Process

Even though you may decide to hire one of the best social security disability attorneys in your area, there are some things that you need to do in order to make the application process as easy as possible for yourself. By doing those things, you may not only give yourself a better chance at an approval, but you are less likely to become overwhelmed and frustrated. Do Not Complete The Paper Questionnaire All At Once Read More 

What To Do To Improve Your Situation If You Are Guilty Of A DUI

If you are pulled over for driving under the influence and plan to plead guilty, it is still important that you retain a lawyer to assist you with your case. There are specific steps you can take to improve your situation and hopefully reduce the severity of the consequences that you will have to face. Enter a Treatment Program If you know that you are guilty of the DUI and you plan to plead guilty, be proactive to show that you are taking steps to change your behavior and to change your life. Read More