Three Ways To Handle An Eviction Notice

There are a number of benefits to renting a home rather than buying. If you haven't been paying your rent consistently or you have had multiple issues with your landlord, it should not come as a surprise when you get an eviction notice. This notice should be taken seriously or you could find yourself locked out of the home. Being evicted could mean spending money on movers, struggling to find another place to rent, marks on your credit report and more. To help avoid being evicted from your home, here are some tips you should consider. 

Take Immediate Action

The moment you receive your eviction notice, it is important that you respond to it right away. Typically, the eviction notice will tell you how long you have to respond. It could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Additionally, there will be a hearing set up to determine whether you should be evicted or not. Should you fail to attend the hearing, a judgement could be brought against you. In order to prevent this from happening, you want to talk to your local court clerk to determine whether you should respond directly to the landlord or to the court. 

Determine the Reason for Eviction

In many cases, an eviction will come due to lack of rent payment or a violation of the lease. A landlord cannot evict you from the home for no reason. It must be stated on the eviction notice. First things first, you should validate the reason for eviction. If you feel that the eviction is illegal, then you should hire a landlord tenant attorney to help you deal with the notice. They can determine what the local laws say about the eviction and decide if it is legal or not. Even if it is valid, they can go to trial with you and have the eviction overturned in some cases. 

Make Things Right

The best way to avoid eviction after receiving an eviction notice is by communicating with your landlord. If you have failed to pay rent, you should pay up any balances you owe. While the landlord may still go through with the eviction, this will help decrease the chances of going to court over it. If you have violated the lease due to damaging property, fixing and repairing any damage can also help the situation. If your landlord feels that you are trying to make things right, they may do away with the eviction notice. 

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