Working On A Workers’ Compensation Claim? Be Sure To Do These Things

Workers' compensation claims might seem straightforward when you first start the process, but as you move through each step it can become more of a challenge and difficult to know whether you are doing everything right. Be sure to do the following things when you hope to get a workers' comp settlement.

Recruit A Specialized Attorney

You might have filled out the appropriate paperwork for your claim and want to wait to see what happens. However, getting in touch with a specialized lawyer who is an expert on workers' compensation cases may help increase your chances of a settlement with which you'll be satisfied. Your attorney can handle negotiations for you and help you handle an appeal, if necessary.

Continue To See Your Own Physician

When you were hurt on the job, you likely talked to your primary care physician right away. However, after you notify your job about what's happened, they may ask you to see a physician that works with their insurance company. 

Even if you see a second doctor about your injuries, it is a good idea to continue to check with your own personal physician about your health. Your personal physician is more familiar with your entire medical record and has an interest in caring for your health beyond the injuries you've suffered at work. Just be sure to keep both doctors informed about any treatment plans and medication prescriptions so that you can get the best care available.

Know You May Be Followed by Investigators

Some insurance companies recruit special investigators to get a better idea of whether your injuries are indeed interfering with your life. These investigators might show up on your street or might ask co-workers and neighbors some questions about you and your behavior. Investigators might also search for your various social media profiles to see if you're adding pictures of you doing activities that would seem to indicate that you aren't as ill as you say you are.

Be aware that this may happen and take steps to avoid doing anything that could give investigators information to pass along to the insurance company. Stick with the treatment plan you get from physicians and make your social media profiles private so that only the people you trust can see them fully.

With the suggestions in this article, you can feel confident that you are doing what you need to do in order to earn the workers' compensation settlement you want. Work closely with your lawyer to make sure you are taking all the right steps during this process. For more information, consider contacting a professional like those at the Law Offices Jonathan Teperson.