Felony Charges: The Importance of Working Closely with Your Criminal-Defense Lawyer When You Have Previous Convictions

Felony charges are serious. When you need a solid criminal defense, it's important to understand the rules that protect the communication between you and your attorney. Whether your lawyer is court appointed or someone you found on your own, you have to be honest and upfront with your lawyer in order to get the best defense. Keep in mind that if you have had a previous felony conviction, you can face even higher penalties the second time. Read More 

3 Employee Contract Clauses To Be Aware Of Before Signing

You've been pounding the pavement for quite some time, but now you've finally got a job lined up that you're really excited for. While it's great that you've found a place of employment you think you'll love, it's important not to let that excitement cloud your judgement and sign an employee contract with questionable clauses or vague agreements. To learn more about common employment contract clauses and what they might mean for you, check out the three most common ones below. Read More 

Refuting Three Common Worker Compensation Myths

Job-related injuries have the potential to result in serious disruptions to your daily life. Unfortunately, it is a reality that many people are not particularly informed about what they should expect when pursuing a worker's compensation claim. As a result of this lack of experience and information, individuals will often assume that several common myths about these claims are true. Once you have the truth behind these notions, you will find yourself better positioned to pursue this claim. Read More 

3 Steps to Make Your New Candle Company Stand Out from the Competition

If you are in the process of designing a line of candles, then you know you have a lot of competition on the market. However, if this competition hasn't deterred you yet, then you likely have an amazing line that is different from all the other candles out there that you just know many customers will fall in love with! As unique as you know your candles are, you need to make sure that the store buyers of the brick-and-mortar stores you would love to sell your candles in, along with customers themselves, know how unique your candles are before they even light one. Read More 

3 Ways to Prepare to Be an Auto-Accident Lawyer During Law School in Ways Other Than Attending Class

The first step to becoming a car-accident lawyer is attending law school, but mastering the legal system is far from the only thing you'll need to do if you want to be a successful auto-accident lawyer. If you're attending law school and hope to become a car-accident lawyer, here are some things you can do—other than going to class—that will prepare you for your future career. Join a Social Club Outside of Law School Read More