The Means Test — Filing Bankruptcy While Earning A Good Paycheck

For those who have lost jobs or suffered health problems that limit their earning power, bankruptcy relief is often an obvious choice. But what about those who struggle with various financial crises while still earning a good paycheck? Is there a bankruptcy option for you? The answer is yes. Figuring out what those options are begins with something known as the means test. What is the means test? And how can you improve your chance of passing it? Read More 

Suing A Negligent Driver For Causing An Accident

A risky task that many people perform on a daily basis is driving a vehicle, whether it be for running personal errands or working a job. Unfortunately, such a task always has the risk of getting involved in an accident, as all it takes is for you to drive near a negligent driver to end up in such a traumatic situation. For example, if you are driving behind a pickup truck that is carrying a load that isn't properly secured, everything can come crashing out at your vehicle. Read More 

What To Do If Your Parental Agreement Is Not Being Honored

For many divorcing couples, the most contentious and painful aspect of the split is creating a fair custody arrangement. However, once a custody arrangement is agreed upon and put into place, it must be honored. Unfortunately, issues within the divorce may lead one parent to forego this custody arrangement and not allow the other parent to see their child. Here are the steps you need to take if your ex-spouse is not honoring your custody agreement and keeping you from your children. Read More 

Why Someone Not Charged With A Crime May Need An Attorney

The idea of hiring a criminal defense lawyer if you're not facing charges may seem a little odd. Several situations, however, may call for the support of a criminal defense attorney. Let's look at three times when it might be wise to lawyer up even if you haven't been charged with an offense. Witness to a Crime It can seem reasonable to think that you're just a witness. Criminal investigations, though, can go down a lot of rabbit holes. Read More 

When Restaurants Serve Up Dangerous Food, Lawyers Serve Up Lawsuits

When You have a meal at a restaurant, you might not expect that the food will injure you. However, some restaurants fail to adhere to safety standards and can cause serious harm that may lead to expensive medical bills. This can range from a coffee that is too hot and causes burns, to sharp objects left behind in your food. Understanding Negligence Regardless of the situation involved, if a business has duty of care and is negligent, you may have a personal injury claim. Read More