Proceed With Caution: Things That Could Ruin Your Workers Compensation Case

Are you currently receiving workers compensation benefits? If so, you may feel somewhat relieved especially if it took awhile for you to start receiving compensation. Some people allow their sense of relief to cause them to become too relaxed about their cases. As a result, they may behave in ways that could harm their case or potentially stop their benefits prematurely. The following are examples of actions that could negatively impact your case. Read More 

Why Do Dogs Bite?: Secure Your Dog To Avoid A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Children are among the most common victims of dog bites, and the damage can be extremely brutal. While pit bulls, rottweilers, and mastiffs are among the dogs commonly responsible for dog bites, any dog can attack. Unfortunately about 86% of these attacks cause bodily harm. This is not only because children are small, but also because they often do not know how to act around dogs. If you think that dogs only bite strangers, think again. Read More 

3 Main Elements Surrounding An Arson Charge

Anyone who goes out and intentionally burns an item that doesn't belong to them could find themselves being charged with arson. The main goal of charging individuals with arson was to prevent someone from being burned alive inside of their own homes. The laws surrounding arson today involve burning any property. It doesn't have to be a building, home, structure or somewhere that someone is inside. It can simply be a piece of land, building, or someone's property. Read More 

Too Much Social Security: How To Prevent And Respond To Benefit Overpayments

Several situations may lead to your receiving an overpayment of Social Security benefits. There are rules that you may not be aware of when you begin drawing payments from Social Security. You should know how to protect yourself from being overpaid, how to find out what the rules are for your situation, and how to contest an overpayment claim by the Social Security Administration. Be transparent: keep the SSA office informed of any and all changes. Read More 

Understanding The Differences Between Assault Charges

If you're being charged with assault, understanding the differences between the various assault charges can help you significantly when it comes to bargaining and trial. Below is an overview of the three most common charges and what they can mean for you in terms of punishment.  Assault and Battery  This assault charge is perhaps the most well known, and the least understood. While each jurisdiction defines this charge differently (some separating the two charges completely), a basic understanding can be helpful. Read More