Immigration & Marriage: Understanding The Process

It's not uncommon for U.S. citizens to fall in love with non-U.S. citizens who are visiting the country. In fact, this is such a common occurrence that there are many laws and regulations in place revolving around the non-citizen spouse filing for legal citizenship after marriage. Below are three things that can affect the process of a non-U.S. citizen becoming a legal resident, even after they're married to a legal citizen: Read More 

Laboratory Results And Medical Malpractice

Each year in the United States, and estimated 440,000 people die as a result of an error made by someone on their medical care team, making medical error the third leading cause of death in the nation. The vast majority of these deaths can be attributed to a missed, incorrect, or delayed diagnosis, with missed diagnoses being the most prevalent of the three. Since an approximate 70 percent of medical decisions, including diagnoses, are based on laboratory findings, the quality and accuracy of laboratory results are critical in ensuring that patients receive the best diagnostic care possible. Read More 

How To File For Bankruptcy And Keep Your Home

Although it's a difficult decision, sometimes filing bankruptcy is the best option if you find yourself drowning in debt. This is especially true if the reason for your bankruptcy is because of medical issues or a major loss of income. Your goal is to get through the proceedings with as little stress as possible, so it's likely you may want to keep your home if possible. The following information can help you decide the best options for filing and staying in the home you love. Read More 

Why Hiring A Lawyer Is Worth it When Applying For Social Security Benefits

Do you need assistance with paying your bills because you are disabled and unable to work? You may find that hiring a lawyer to help you with the process of applying for disability benefits may be in your best interest. Find out below why hiring a social security lawyer may be a worthy investment when you need money. What Makes Hiring a Social Security Lawyer a Worthy Investment? Without the help of a lawyer, It can be difficult proving that you are disabled to the extent of needing disability benefits. Read More 

After The Trial: Collecting Your Judgment

Congratulations! You and your car accident lawyer have fought hard, proved your case and accomplished victory.  You may be wondering if it's all over, but there are still a few details left to be ironed out. You will be moving into the next phase of the process, called judgment collection.  Here is what you need to know about this important step: Your attorney would have laid the groundwork for the collection of your judgment before the first legal paper was filed with the court. Read More