Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer For Your Purchase

Real estate lawyers can be a valuable service when you are in the process of buying or selling property. While you may be familiar with the need for a real estate agent during the buying process, it can be possible to neglect to appreciate the services a real estate attorney can provide. Your Lender May Require You To Hire A Real Estate Lawyer If you are planning to use a mortgage or other source of financing to buy your property, it may be a requirement of this credit line to be represented by a real estate lawyer during the buying process. Read More 

Family Law Attorneys Draw Up Postnuptial Contracts for Married Couples

People are generally familiar with the concept of prenuptial agreements for engaged couples. Family law attorneys are able to assist married couples with another document known as a postnuptial agreement. The contracts are similar to the prenuptial version, except the document is drawn up after the marriage. Some restrictions apply to prevent either party from making unreasonable demands. Reasons for Postnuptial Contracts Postnuptial documents are typically created when two individuals marry hastily without planning ahead. Read More 

Prepping For Your First Supreme Court Appearance? Use These Suggestions

When you are about to bring a case or petition to the United States Supreme Court, you might be both nervous and excited. This can be a great moment for you to act on behalf of your client, and it can also be a major turning point in your career. For those reasons, you need to make sure your legal work is pristine and effective. Other than preparing your case, how should you prep for your first Supreme Court event? Read More 

How to Take Legal Action Over Contaminated Water

When you do something as simple as having a glass of drinking water, the last thing you expect is for this decision to put you in the hospital. But unfortunately, drinking water is sometimes unsafe due to the negligence of another party. If you become ill as a result of a glass of water, you should contact a personal injury attorney for help. Why You May Need an Attorney Drinking water is handled by state and local governments. Read More 

Exceptions To Filing For Unemployment For The Self-Employed

Being self-employed comes with a lot of unique perks. You want a day off, you just take it; you never have to ask a boss. You want to take a vacation during any time of the year, you can do that, too. If your kids' school calls with an emergency situation, you can drop work and run. The one major thing that does not work in your favor is unemployment. When you are self-employed and working as a freelance agent, you typically don't qualify for unemployment benefits. Read More