6 Reasons Your Criminal Case Could Be Dismissed

If you have been charged with a crime, and the facts are sketchy, there may be good reason for your attorney to make a motion for a dismissal. There are six primary reasons why a judge may dismiss a case. 1. The complaint is based on flimsy grounds. If you have been arrested on flimsy grounds such as hearsay, these things should not hold up in court. If the prosecutor cannot find real evidence to keep you, they will either drop the charges or they may be dismissed by the judge. Read More 

Five Things To Remember About Social Security Disability

Becoming disabled is not something that many people plan for and it is usually sudden and unexpected. If you become disabled to the point of no longer being able to support yourself and your family beyond what your short-term disability insurance covers, it can be beneficial to investigate Social Security Disability benefits. Since there is a six-month waiting period for benefits to apply and applications may be denied, applying early and securing the assistance of an experienced Social Security attorney is highly suggested. Read More 

3 Steps To Take After Becoming Paralyzed Due To Injuries From A Car Accident

Car accidents are something that can never be prepared for, and they can turn your life upside down. In the best case scenario, you vehicle is damaged and you have to deal with having it repaired. But due to the traumatic force involved in a car accident, some people sustain horrible injuries that can lead to full or partial paralysis. Becoming paralyzed drastically changes your life, leaving you with many things to overcome physically, emotionally, and financially. Read More 

5 Factors That Could Affect A Judge’s Decision To Award Custody In A Divorce

If you are the parent of a minor child and are going through a divorce, your spouse may still desire sole parental custody. The judge will ultimately determine with whom your child will live if you and your spouse are unable to come to an agreement. Nevertheless, there are factors that a judge typically considers when making his or her final determination. Here are a few questions he or she may want answered: Read More 

How To Determine When The Right Time Is To Start Colleting Social Security Benefits

Throughout your career, you have probably paid a lot of money towards social security, and at some point you can begin collecting payments from it. The big question is when you should begin collecting from it. If you are not sure what to do, you may want to seek advice from a social security lawyer: What Is The Minimum Age? As long as you have paid money into social security for at least 40 quarters, you will be able to begin collecting money from social security when you are 62 years old. Read More