Tips For The Social Security Disability Application Process

Even though you may decide to hire one of the best social security disability attorneys in your area, there are some things that you need to do in order to make the application process as easy as possible for yourself. By doing those things, you may not only give yourself a better chance at an approval, but you are less likely to become overwhelmed and frustrated.

Do Not Complete The Paper Questionnaire All At Once

While you do have to make sure that you return the questionnaire back to the social security office by the deadline that you have been given, you do not want to rush through the process. Getting it in to your case manager the next day will not speed up the process. There are still plenty of things that the case manager is doing on his or her end that is going to take some time. Therefore, make use of the time that you are given. By not rushing through the questionnaire, you will be less likely to make any mistakes, such as accidentally answering a question the wrong way because you misread the text.

The best thing to do is to divide the paperwork up so you are completing it over the course of a couple of days. Once you have completed all of those pages, you will want to take some time to go through every question again. Make sure that you are giving as much information as possible and that you are not leaving any questions blank. Even if the question does not apply to you, you should write "not applicable" on the space provided. This ensures that the case manager will understand that the question asked does not pertain to your situation and that you were just not ignoring it.

Stay Patient

There is nothing wrong with giving your social security case manager a call once a week to ask if there has been any updates to your file. This is an excellent time to ask if there is anything else he or she needs from you. After all, the more information your case manager has, the easier it will be for a decision to be made. Just make sure that you are remaining kind and patient. You are not the only file on your case manager's desk and a decision will be made on your application as soon as possible. Also, the last thing you want to do is irritate the person who is in charge of making decisions regarding your application.

When you do your best to make use of those tips when applying for social security disability, you will find that it will be much easier to make it through the process without stressing yourself out too much. Talk to a lawyer, like Timothy  W Hudson Attorney, for more help.