Three Scenarios Where Commercial Ligation Takes Precedence Over Civil Litigation

Litigation is the practice of filing a lawsuit against another party for a particular outcome and/or compensation. Civil litigation is often two or more private parties suing each other, whereas commercial litigation involves at least one business. Here are three scenarios where commercial litigation takes precedence over civil litigation.

You Sue the Business

You, as a private party, sue a business or something the business did or failed to do. You are taking on not just one person, but a whole company, which is a very bold thing to do. The bigger and more familiar the business is to the public, the more you will need a commercial litigation lawyer to get anywhere with your case. Usually, these cases do not turn out for the best, mostly because the business/company has a whole slew of lawyers on retainer. If you can find lots of other people who experienced the same issues you did, it makes your case much stronger, and more likely to win.

Your Company Sues Theirs

A much more common practice in commercial litigation involves two businesses suing each other. These affairs are often kept quiet until the matters are resolved. The lawsuit could go on for years, or it could end in months. It all depends on what your company and their company perceives is the problem and the potential solutions that could resolve it.

A Company Sues a Private Party

This is probably the least of all commercial litigation suits, but it does happen. If you painted murals of certain cartoon characters everywhere, and you did not receive permission from the animation studios that retain all rights to these characters, then the company can sue you if and when they discover what you did. The outcome is not pretty, as you not only have to compensate the company when you lose, but you also have to cover the characters in paint or make them unrecognizable to the public. You may also be forced to reimburse people for creating these murals and then having to deface the murals. That is just an example of a company suing a private party, but you get the general idea.

Consult with an Attorney Before Moving Forward

These commercial litigation cases are tricky business. Sometimes the case can get turned upside down, and when you thought you would be the one compensated, you end up being the one to pay. Only your commercial litigation attorney can tell you if your case is worth the risk.