Prepping For Your First Supreme Court Appearance? Use These Suggestions

When you are about to bring a case or petition to the United States Supreme Court, you might be both nervous and excited. This can be a great moment for you to act on behalf of your client, and it can also be a major turning point in your career. For those reasons, you need to make sure your legal work is pristine and effective. Other than preparing your case, how should you prep for your first Supreme Court event?

Use a Supreme Court Printing Company

You and your team have likely thought about your case or petition several times. However, it's not just your case you need to think about; you also have to think about the physical documents that you'll be producing for the court. The Supreme Court has multiple rules about printed documents; if this is your first time appearing, you need to respect them.

Most documents need to be submitted and bound in a booklet style. There are rules about the size of paper used, the weight of the paper used and even the type of paper used. There are also guidelines about the margins and page limits. If you ignore these rules, your documents might be rejected. This could delay your court date and embarrass you. 

Working with a Supreme Court printing company can help you avoid printing and formatting mistakes. Your brief and your petition need to look as professional as possible, so it benefits you to use a printing company that has produced documents for the court before.

Remember Additional Audiences

Of course, you need to present a coherent and persuasive case to the judges in front of you. However, because the court is so prestigious, you should also be aware of the additional audiences you'll have as you present your case. Reporters, advocacy groups, and several others will also be watching what you do and say.

If you can catch the ear of a group that could raise money for your client, that would be helpful. If you can impress journalists, they could publicize your case. By remembering the additional audiences you'll have, you can have a greater impact for your client and yourself.

It can be intimidating to appear in front of the Supreme Court; your first appearance could be one of the most important times in your life. With these pointers, your job can be more effective and more successful overall.