When Restaurants Serve Up Dangerous Food, Lawyers Serve Up Lawsuits

When You have a meal at a restaurant, you might not expect that the food will injure you. However, some restaurants fail to adhere to safety standards and can cause serious harm that may lead to expensive medical bills. This can range from a coffee that is too hot and causes burns, to sharp objects left behind in your food. Understanding Negligence Regardless of the situation involved, if a business has duty of care and is negligent, you may have a personal injury claim. Read More 

When Your Child Is Hurt: Taking Legal Action

Dealing with the injury of a child can be nearly overwhelming to most parents. Once you know your child is in good medical hands, your thoughts might turn to making the party who caused your child to be hurt pay. Read on for what you need to know about taking legal action when your child is harmed by another. Children Are Entitled to Recover Compensation You might have heard that children under the age of 18 are not allowed to be paid for personal injury damages but that is not exactly correct. Read More 

Do You Need To Present Evidence In A Criminal Defense?

One of the biggest challenges a criminal attorney and a client face in handling a case is deciding just how much evidence ought to be presented. Each case has its quirks, and that makes it difficult to completely generalize. However, here are a few reasons why a criminal attorney services firm may or may not present evidence. You Aren't Required To The presumption of innocence until guilt is proven means that defendants are under any obligation by law to present anything. Read More 

What To Do When Corporate Issues Overlaps With Will And Trust Law

Having a stake in a corporation creates some interesting issues that ought to be addressed in your will. This goes beyond simply making sure your stake is transferred upon your death. Take a look at some questions you may want to address with the support of a will and trust attorney. Know What Your Stake in the Company Is There are some differences in corporate law between simply being an officer of the business versus having a voting stake. Read More 

Why Construction Law Is Challenging to Deal With

Talk with any construction lawyer about a problem, and you'll quickly realize it's not your average job. Even by the standards of legal practice, being a construction attorney requires having many pots going at once, oftentimes on a single case. Let's look at what can make construction law issues so tricky to handle. Encompassing Many Fields of Law A lot of fields of law are encompassed in any construction effort. Contract and business laws, unsurprisingly, feature prominently. Read More