When Is A Breathalyzer Test Optional?

When you are pulled over and suspected of driving while under the influence of alcohol, the officer might determine that you're not intoxicated and might send you on your way. Or, the officer might suspect that you are intoxicated and may ask you to perform a breathalyzer. Whether or not you should agree to the breathalyzer test can be a complicated question to answer. The Pros and Cons of Not Taking a Breathalyzer Test Read More 

Questions To Ask Your Divorce Attorney Regarding Spousal Maintenance

One of the top questions that some spouses have when going through a divorce is whether they are eligible to receive alimony and how much money they can expect from these alimony payments. The reality of the matter, though, is that the courts make both these decisions. However, if you are in a bind, for example, due to having been financially dependent on your former spouse, resulting in not having any means, a divorce attorney can make seeking alimony a priority for your specific case. Read More 

Injured In A Motor Vehicle Accident? Here Are 3 Essential Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

Typically, motor vehicle accidents occur without warning and can lead to devastating impacts in your life. Unfortunately, crashes in the United States are common, and the primary causes include speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving. When you get involved in a motor vehicle accident, your priority should be to receive proper treatment and compensation as soon as possible. The process of negotiating for a fair settlement can be daunting, so you need an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer to fight for your rights and ensure you get what you deserve. Read More