How to Take Legal Action Over Contaminated Water

When you do something as simple as having a glass of drinking water, the last thing you expect is for this decision to put you in the hospital. But unfortunately, drinking water is sometimes unsafe due to the negligence of another party. If you become ill as a result of a glass of water, you should contact a personal injury attorney for help.

Why You May Need an Attorney

Drinking water is handled by state and local governments. As a result, if the water becomes contaminated due to negligence, you would need to take legal action against the government. However, it's notoriously difficult to take legal action against the US government.

In some cases, the drinking water might be contaminated as a result of actions taken by a private party. If so, you will need to determine exactly what happened to receive compensation for your injuries.

A law firm will discuss your legal options and will help you take the appropriate steps when filing a lawsuit against the government or private party. They will help you craft a solid case and will also assist you in filing an appeal. 

Pinpoint the Source of the Contamination

Drinking water either comes from surface water or from groundwater. If the water comes from the ground, it will contain natural contaminants that will need to be filtered out. However, the drinking water might become contaminated by a local factory that leaked pollutants into the drinking water. This is referred to as a "point source."

With a point source, the problem is much easier to identify and control. If the party responsible does not control the point source, they are more likely to be held responsible for it. However, if the contamination is the result of a "diffuse source," it may be difficult to determine where it came from. These forms of contamination build up over time and might not be anyone's fault. 

Government Negligence

When a government has unsafe drinking water, one common cause is adequate sanitation. The government is responsible for using chemical treatments to improve the condition of the water so it's safe to drink. The water might become contaminated wherever it is stored or it might become contaminated as it is being transported to the source.

If you become ill as a result of contaminated drinking water, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Then, make sure to call a personal injury attorney.