FAQs About Filing A Disability Claim And Getting Legal Counsel

When a person becomes disabled and can't work, he or she has the right to file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The conditions under which a person is approved and the amount of money he or she receives can vary by individual circumstances.

The laws surrounding SSDI are complicated to understand for most people, so it's a good idea to find a person with experience in social security disability law to help file a claim. A lawyer knows the rules that help decide if a person qualifies for assistance.

Can A Lawyer Help Me Get Approved?

Research does show that people who hire a social security disability law attorney are more likely to get their claim approved. This is because the lawyer knows the specifics of what must be done to prove a case.

Statistics show that about two-thirds of applicants are denied the first time applying for benefits. However, with a lawyer in your corner, you have a better chance of getting approved. This means not having to go through the hassle to reapply.

Is SSDI Only For The Permanently Disabled?

While the permanently disable can, and do, receive SSDI, you don't have to be permanently disabled to apply or receive benefits. A lawyer can go over the specifics of each case and advise based on individual needs.

There is one rule that does apply to those seeking benefits. To receive benefits, the person must show they have been disabled for at least a year. In some cases, the SSDI is temporary as it only applies until the person is able to work again.

What Role Do Doctors Play?

A person's doctor plays a large role in determining eligibility. The physician's detailed opinion of a patient's limitations and impairments are key to the claim. These notes and findings are medical evidence used to determine whether or not a person is considered disabled. They can also be used to determine the length of disability in some cases.

Your lawyer can advise you on how to proceed based on the doctor's medical records.

What Is Considered A Disability?

A disability is any medical condition that greatly impacts a person's everyday life. These conditions are not always visible and can include mental illnesses and chronic pain.

The definition of disability and if your condition qualifies is something you can discuss with the lawyer. Because the laws and conditions surrounding SSDI can be so complicated, a patient's successful claim can depend on legal counsel.