4 Signs That You Need A Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Getting hurt on the job is stressful enough. You're unable to work and earn income for an extended period of time, and your quality of life is affected. Having to deal with a legal battle is just another headache. Luckily, a worker's compensation attorney can help you get the outcome you deserve. Here are four signs you need a worker's comp attorney to represent you:

1. Your boss is fighting your claim.

In an ideal world, your boss would recognize that you're telling the truth when you file a worker's compensation claim. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. If your boss is denying that you were injured at work, you will need an attorney to help you make your case.

2. You were already injured.

According to HealthCare.gov, a preexisting condition is a known affliction that affects a specific part of your body. Preexisting conditions can impact insurance companies' decisions and make them more likely to deny your claim. For instance, if you had a known knee problem and then you later hurt your knee at work, your employer's insurance company might reject your claim for worker's comp. An attorney can appeal on your behalf by gathering evidence to prove that the preexisting condition was not the cause of your work injury.

3. You're offered a settlement.

Your employer may offer you a settlement to keep everyone involved out of court. A settlement can be a good thing, since it will save you time and energy as well. However, not all settlements are beneficial. If you're offered a settlement, you should have your worker's comp attorney examine the offer to ensure that it's fair. Your lawyer can advise you on whether or not you should take the deal.

4. You're fired.

It's illegal for your employer to fire you because you've been injured at work, according to All Law. Legally, employees must be able to file worker's compensation claims without fear of retaliation. That means your boss can't demote you or cut your pay because of your injury either. If you were fired after you filed a worker's comp claim, you should contact a lawyer immediately to ask about your options.

While it might be tempting to represent yourself in your worker's compensation case, it's usually best to let a professional do the job. A lawyer who has experience with worker's comp cases can ensure that you're represented fairly and competently. If any of these signs applies to you, you should get in touch with an attorney today.