Can You Afford To Avoid Jail?

It's a challenge to prove your innocence from behind bars, but in some cases you won't have to do it that way. With bail, you can be out of jail in no time flat, but bail is not offered to everyone. Your chances of using bail to gain freedom is based on several factors, so read on to learn more about about this important issue.

Bail, Bonds, and Own Recognizance

Bail is a guarantee that you will return for your court date, and that guarantee can be made with cash, check, money orders, property titles, or a bond. A bond is the way most people go, since bail bondsman deal directly with the corrections facility to ensure release.

Not everyone is released owing bail. For minor offenses and first-time offenders, it may be a matter of being released on their own recognizance (OR). You might find this being used for things like theft or non-violent drug offenses. You must still show up for your appointed court date, of course, regardless of the way you got out of jail.

Bail or No Bail?

No one can just assume that they will be granted bail. There are several factors that go into this decision, and none of them involve your opinion of the matter. It helps to have legal support, so be sure to get a defense attorney on your side as soon as possible. The main factor that the courts keep in mind when deciding on bail and the bail amount is the potential for the defendant to appear in court months down the road.

If your crime is serious, your attorney may have to fight and negotiate to get you bail at all. If the amount of the bail, when offered, is thought to be too high, the amount may be lowered based on the skills of your attorney and your reputation and record. Here's some factors that go into the decision to offer bail and the amount.

1. The criminal record of the defendant

2. How long the defendant has lived in the area and the community ties for the defendant

3. Whether or not the defendant is employed in the area, has family in the area, etc.

4. Whether or not the defendant has successfully complied with bail in the past.

Complying with Conditions

Bail is about more than just showing up for the court date. You must also agree obey all laws, not to consort with known criminals, and other more crime-specific conditions like protection orders. To get more information about bail, speak to your defense attorney or a bondsman, like those at A M Bail Bonds, today.