Why Do Dogs Bite?: Secure Your Dog To Avoid A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Children are among the most common victims of dog bites, and the damage can be extremely brutal. While pit bulls, rottweilers, and mastiffs are among the dogs commonly responsible for dog bites, any dog can attack. Unfortunately about 86% of these attacks cause bodily harm. This is not only because children are small, but also because they often do not know how to act around dogs. If you think that dogs only bite strangers, think again. Dogs are more likely to bite people they are familiar with. Even the most friendly dogs bite, but why? Knowing the answer to this question can help you avoid a personal injury lawsuit.

Dogs are possessive.

The possessive nature of dogs often leads to bites. They put their guard up to protect toys, food, people, and even their territory. Somebody who fails to recognize the signs of a possessive dog could become injured and sue you for the associated costs.

In many cases, preventing dog bites can be as simple as training. Teaching your dog to "leave it" often prevents aggression by instructing your pet to drop toys, food, and anything else they might be protecting. You can also teach children around your dog not to pet or bother them while they are eating or gnawing on a bone.

Dogs are afraid.

Dogs often direct their fear toward strangers, but they also feel threatened by children sneaking up on them or waking them up suddenly.

The best way to ease fear like this is to socialize your dog with other animals and people as early as possible. Does your dog fear the mailperson? Perhaps you can leave a treat in the mailbox for the mailperson to toss over, preventing your dog from being conditioned to fear this person. If you do not take proper measures to ease your dog's fears, somebody could build a case against you in court.

Dogs are in pain or sick.

Even friendly dogs can attack if they feel threatened while injured or sick. Do you notice a change in behavior from your beloved pet? A chronic injury or illness could be the cause. If you know that your dog is sick, keep children away and handle them gently. It is probably time for a visit with the veterinarian and time to avoid socialization.

Every dog owner should know the warning signs of a pending attack. Indicators of fear and stress include ears pulled back and fur standing straight up. Dogs also tend to yawn when they feel as if they are in danger, in an effort to show off their teeth. They also maintain intense eye contact with those they have determined to be a threat. Know these signs to avoid facing a major lawsuit.

Ultimately, you must pay close attention to both your dog and the people around him. Prevention starts with you, and preventing a dog bite can save your dog's life. Plus, it helps you avoid a personal injury lawsuit. If you do find yourself facing a court case, it is essential that you get in touch with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. This is the only way to protect yourself.