Why Hiring A Lawyer Is Worth it When Applying For Social Security Benefits

Do you need assistance with paying your bills because you are disabled and unable to work? You may find that hiring a lawyer to help you with the process of applying for disability benefits may be in your best interest. Find out below why hiring a social security lawyer may be a worthy investment when you need money.

What Makes Hiring a Social Security Lawyer a Worthy Investment?

Without the help of a lawyer, It can be difficult proving that you are disabled to the extent of needing disability benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has strict guidelines you have to meet before they will approve your application, such as proving that your condition will last for at least a year. You can end up providing the SSA with evidence, only for them to deny your application or ask you to undergo an additional medical examination. You may get through the process faster with a lawyer by your side.

The first thing your lawyer will do is gather evidence that proves you are disable and unable to work. He or she may do a deep investigation on the medical condition you are suffering from as evidence. Gathering enough evidence about your condition can help you avoid having to undergo any additional examinations. Your medical record will also be obtained by the lawyer after you sign a medical release form.

Your lawyer will also prove to the SSA that you don't make a lot of money. You will have to provide your lawyer with proof of your income. However, no proof is necessary if you don't have any. If you are already receiving some type of financial assistance (welfare) from the government, keep in mind that this money is considered income. After enough evidence is gathered, the lawyer will present your application to the SSA. If your application is denied, your lawyer can help you appeal the decision and take the case to court if necessary.

What Does Assistance from a Social Security Lawyer Cost?

You can expect a social security lawyer to charge you a rate of $90 to $500 plus per hour. The higher end of the scale will only be likely in the event that your initial application for social security disability benefits is denied. However, your lawyer will do everything to make the application process fast and successful. Get in touch with lawyers like Horn & Kelley, PC Attorneys at Law so he or she can help you get the benefits you need to take care of yourself!