Mistreated And Misdianosed Thyroid Cancer: Do You Have The Proof For A Settlement?

Did you go months displaying the signs of thyroid cancer to your medical professional, but they neglected to have your thyroid levels checked a single time? If so, you could file a medical malpractice lawsuit with the help of a personal injury lawyer. You could lose time with your loved ones, and time to enjoy life because of your doctor.

Many injury lawyers will allow a free consultation, so you want to use your time wisely. There are a few different documents you'll want to have with you when you meet with your injury lawyer for the first time, so they can tell you if you have a case or not.

Medical History

You want to show proof of the appointments you had with your physician, when you talked about the symptoms of thyroid problems. You want proof of the appointment time, and what the diagnosis was for that appointment. If there are several missed opportunities for the physician to order lab work, or to order that the thyroid levels be tested, they were negligent with your health.

If you were given prescriptions, if you were told to take supplements, or if you were ordered tests that were irrelevant to your condition, bring the evidence to show the money you wasted.

Proof of the Condition

How as the thyroid cancer found? Was there blood work ordered that showed a problem with the thyroid? If so you want a copy of the lab results. Did the doctor order an ultrasound or imaging scan to detect the problem? Get copies of all images to use for the case. The size of the tumors and pictures of the thyroid can help prove the cancer went undetected for some time. Have a physician write out the diagnosis of your condition, and what stage it's at.

You also want a statement describing what type of treatment you have ahead of you to eliminate the cancer, and what the potential long term treatments may be.

Once you have the evidence of neglect and you can prove your symptoms warranted thyroid testing, your lawyer can try to get you a settlement. The settlement will help pay for the treatment that you need now, for an illness that could have been caught at earlier stages. The longer you have cancer the harder it is to treat, and it's not fair that your doctor let you go for weeks or months without the treatment that you desperately need.