Filing A Workers’ Comp Claim? 3 Smart Moves To Make

When you file a workers' compensation claim, it is natural to assume that your employer is going to look out for you. The truth is that workers' compensation groups are looking out for themselves, and often try to find ways to minimize what they have to pay you in order to maximize their own pockets. That is why, once you file a workers' compensation claim, you need to be smart about your next moves. Read More 

3 Main Elements Surrounding An Arson Charge

Anyone who goes out and intentionally burns an item that doesn't belong to them could find themselves being charged with arson. The main goal of charging individuals with arson was to prevent someone from being burned alive inside of their own homes. The laws surrounding arson today involve burning any property. It doesn't have to be a building, home, structure or somewhere that someone is inside. It can simply be a piece of land, building, or someone's property. Read More 

Laboratory Results And Medical Malpractice

Each year in the United States, and estimated 440,000 people die as a result of an error made by someone on their medical care team, making medical error the third leading cause of death in the nation. The vast majority of these deaths can be attributed to a missed, incorrect, or delayed diagnosis, with missed diagnoses being the most prevalent of the three. Since an approximate 70 percent of medical decisions, including diagnoses, are based on laboratory findings, the quality and accuracy of laboratory results are critical in ensuring that patients receive the best diagnostic care possible. Read More 

A Couple Of Worker’s Compensation Myths That You May Believe

Going to work is one of the most routine tasks that most people will do on a regular basis. However, it is possible for accidents to happen, and these may result in extremely expensive medical bills and other costs. While employers are legally obligated to have worker's compensation insurance for every employee they have, injured workers are unlikely to fully understand these policies. As a result, if you have recently been injured in an on-the-job accident, it is important that you understand the truth behind a couple of relatively common myths. Read More 

3 Tips For Handling The Aftermath Of A DUI-Related Accident

Following a DUI-related accident, your first thought is probably ensuring that everyone is okay. Although this is important, there are other considerations you need to make to protect your rights. Here are some of those things.  Do Not Make Any Statements When the police arrives on the scene, an officer will want to hear your version of what happened. Legally, you do not have to provide the police with a written or oral statement about what occurred. Read More